Living Savior Lutheran Women’s Ministry


Women in Prayer Every Tuesday, 9:30 a.m.
Life Light Bible Study Every Wednesday, 12:30pm


Seventh Annual Women's Retreat a Great Time!

A time with friends to learn from God's word about friendships in the Bible and how we could apply that to our friendships. There was time for long hikes, photo taking, good meals together, learning to bead, eating ice cream, and chatting by the bonfire.  Thank you to all the committee members for all your help. Annette Perry was a wonderful counsel and aid to the coordinators. Linda Clark

took on the big job of tallying the evaluations. Marianne Meins kept all the financial records straight.  Jean Marie Galing taught us to make beautiful jewelry from beads.  Terri Beam did a fantastic job advertising the event. Nancy Klein and Karen Cecil provided us with just the right snacks, including smores for by the bonfire. Natalie Lissy and Bonnie Thomas took care of registering people for the event.  Together you did a wonderful job of providing a relaxing time for retreating and for learning about friends. We learned to make new friends and value our long-time friends, especially while we walked with Jesus.  Linda Clark, Rose Kasperson, Bev Sliger, and Karen Heinz have volunteered to be on the committee for next year's retreat. They are excited about planning a spectacular event in 2010. Please contact them if you are interested in helping.