Living Savior Preschool & Kindergarten
Living Savior Preschool & Kindergarten
Living Savior Preschool & Kindergarten

Living Savior Lutheran Church

5500 Ox Road, Fairfax Station, VA 22039 / (703) 352-4208


Classes Offered

AM classes: 9:15-12:15
Class Name Age Days
Teddy Bears 2 1/2 yrs T/Th AM
Ducks 3 yrs T/Th AM
Koalas 3 yrs M/W/F AM
Elephants 4 yrs M/W/F AM
Monkeys 4 yrs M/W/Th/F AM
Turtles Pre-K/Transition M-F AM

Student Teacher Ratios

Age Enrollment Ratio
2 10 5:1
3 12 6:1
4 14 7:1
5 16 8:1

Stay 'n Play

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons from 12:15-2:10 children may participate in the ever popular Stay 'n Play.  Children bring their packed lunch to enjoy with their friends at school and have time to play on the playground and participate in crafts, games, and curriculum based themed activities.

Stay 'n Play Rates
W, Th, F  PM 12:15-2:10  $16

Special Classes


Worshiping Kids

Children enjoy their weekly Chapel time in Klein Hall with Pastor Andy. Worship, a bible lesson, and prayer time each week help the children to grow in their knowledge of God and His great love for them.

Movement Class

Monthly movement classes with Miss Taly are lots of fun as children get up and move to lively music in creative ways. This is a great opportunity for children to work their muscles and develop motor skills such as flexibility, balance and coordination.

Miss Sue

Music Class

Miss Susie

In thirty minute weekly music classes with music teacher, Miss Susie, Living Savior students enjoy singing songs, playing instruments, and learning musical concepts such as forte, piano, and rest. Students perform for their families in three musical programs each year.

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