Youth Mental Health Forum

A dozen Living Savior Youth and their parents attended a Youth Mental Health Forum at the Church Nov. 18.

The event was designed to bring teens and their families together in addressing the community's growing issue of teenagers' mental health and overall well-being, particularly concerning depression and suicide.

“After attending an effective youth mental health forum last August at Prince of Peace Lutheran in nearby Springfield, I recognized the need for issues of teen mental health to be addressed in all of our churches,” said Vicar Chris Conking, who helped organize the event. “After prayerful consideration and coordinating with leaders from the forum held in August, the Lord graciously provided Living Savior the ability and opportunity to carry out our own event.”

The event included testimonials from college students who shared their experiences, as well as presentations from behavioral health professionals. The goals of the forum were to develop a greater awareness of teen depression symptoms and ways to identify those who may struggle with it; provide resources and contact information concerning teen mental health; and to offer a safe, Christ-centered, grace-filled environment for teens and others who would wish to share their own struggles with these issues. Separate breakout sessions for parents and teens afforded an opportunity for further discussions.


“While we didn’t how many people would attend nor how much of an impact our presentation would have, the Lord not only answered our prayers, but exceeded our expectations as to how many attendees the forum would impact,” Vicar Conkling said. “We praise God for the work He has done through this Forum, and we hope that these forums will continue well into the future.”